Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”
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Saturday, 02 April 2016 07:27

Pop-music sensation Xavier Toscano is back with a brand-new single/video for “Apologies Wasted!”  Equal-parts of rhythm and emotion combine in a deep, dramatic bond of melodically-infused sound that puts a shining spotlight on this extraordinary entertainer’s ability to captivate through both words and music.

A real highlight from his album Feels So Good – Xavier Toscano shows the power of vulnerability and the strength of emotion on “Apologies Wasted.”  Set alongside a dynamic and wildly-vibrant synth rhythm & groove, this new single has a universally accessible sound that flows straight into the mind, body and soul, delivering a heartfelt melody that makes a lasting impact through the passionately-committed performance of Xavier’s vocals.  You can feel the true emotions flooding through the atmosphere of “Apologies Wasted” – you can hear that raw & real connection that Toscano consistently brings to his melodies and music; the very qualities that set him apart from the rest and have him adored by fans worldwide.

With a bold, Electro-Pop sound to the music that sounds uplifting and empowered – Xavier Toscano takes you on a complete ride of emotion and captivated firmly throughout “Apologies Wasted.”  Complete with a brand-new, sharply-edited video already racking-up hits to back-up this electrifying song – Xavier Toscano has put himself out there and put it all on the line in his extraordinarily revealing, deeply personal and powerful cut, “Apologies Wasted.”

Xavier Toscano Single/Video "Apologies Wasted" – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGWWffvstIc



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