Virtual Cartoon Band 'Gorillaz' Releasing New Single With Andre 3000
Written by Sally West   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 12:31

Its been announced that Damon Albarn's band Gorillaz will be releasing a new song with Outcast's Andre 3000. The new track is called 'DoYaThing' and its set to be released on the 23rd Feb. Apparently its going to be available on free download. DoYaThing will also feature LCD Soundsytem frontman James Murphy.


Damon Albarn and Andre 300 have been in the music scene for years now. Damon, probably more famous for being the front man in the 90's band Blur, created 'Gorillaz' as a project which contains cartoon characters generated by a computer to represent band members.


Developed in the late 90's the virtual band got famous around 2001 when they released their debut album Gorillaz which sold over 7 million copies.


Also, the new songs video designed by Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett will feature two new virtual band characters.


There has been speculation recently whether Gorillaz would continue beyond their 2010 tour. This new song could spark interest amongst fans and perhaps give new hope.


Gorillaz were formed in a day where virtual cartoon characters were probably less popular than today. For one, the technology wasnt as good to produce such graphics. More than ten years on there has been an infux of people cartooning themselves to create avatars etc for many uses and there has been similar repeat virtual bands emerging.



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