UK Rapper M.I.A Causes Controversy at the Superbowl
Written by Adam Bailey   
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 06:43


The UK rapper M.I.A has caused a stir because of her recent superbowl performance. The young star features on Madonna's “Give me All Your Luvin” and she caused a massive stir when she flipped her middle finger at the crowd during the prime time performance.



NBC's censorship systems were not fast enough to cover up the unsatisfactory gesture. Therefore, it did raise some eyebrows as the half time show is aimed at a family audience. The network subsequently issued an apology stating, “We apologize for the inappropriate gesture that aired during half-time” They also stated that it was something that their live delay system could not obscure quick enough.


The NFL hand picks artists and performers to perform at the half-time show. Which attracts a huge global audience. They stated that it was NBC's fault and not theirs, stating that their delay systems did not catch the obscene gesture on time, they also apologized to the audience and the fans. The producers of the half time show also stated that during rehearsals M.I.A kept it totally clean so it was a shock for them as well.


The rapper/singer is no stranger to controversy as she lashed out at a New York journalist for an article she wrote about the star. She subsequently released a track in response to the article called “I'm a Singer.”


The star was also turned down for a travel visa in 2005 by the United States government. As well as being labelled as a security risk because of her outlandish political views.

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