SoundTracking's Brand New Android App Has Spotify Intergration
Written by Adam Bailey   
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 06:20

The SoundTracking Android application has been eagerly awaited by every tech buff out there. Well, now if is here every tech pundit is salivating over its functions and capabilities. We first enjoyed the SoundTracking app on the iPhone. Now, it is available on Android, it is bigger and better than ever before it seems.


The new SoundTracking app can actually be integrated with Spotify as well as with Rdio. Therefore, you will be able to listen to full tracks instead of tiny samples of the tracks. Making it all the more interesting for genuine music lovers.



It has been reported that the design and functionality of the app is flawless and anyone who has used SoundTracking on the iPhone will notice a massive difference between the two. You can send songs from other music apps to SoundTracking and listen to full tracks from most other music apps that are available through Android. The new features that have been added to the Android version of SoundTracking will no doubt see iPhone users considering a move from the trusted iPhone to Android.



There are reports that the new features on the Android version might be coming to the iPhone version very soon.  Fans of SoundTracking have been discussing the functionalities of the updated Android version on social media sites. Many of them have come to the conclusion that they much prefer the Android version to the iPhone version. The new SoundTracking Android version is excellent for genuine music lovers and for anyone who loved the iPhone version of the popular music app SoundTracking.



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