Rara.com New Music Service Launches in 16 Countries
Written by Adam Bailey   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 11:41

Technology experts have said that Spotify can never really make a profit. Due to the fact that there is such a high cost for music licensing. It has been estimated that they lose just over eight dollars for each free user. There are more than seven million users on Spotify. Although there does not seem to be much scope for turning a profit with such sites, this has not stopped a new service coming on to the scene. There is a new music subscription service out there now called rara.com.


The new site is just about to go live in 16 countries. Including USA, UK and Germany. The site will charge 1 dollar a month for the first three months for web users. For smartphone users, there will be a charge of 2 dollars.  There will be over 10 million songs to choose from with no adverts for the first three months. There will be music available from the four major labels as well as from well known independent labels.



There will be a raise in monthly charge after the first three months. The cost will go up from 1 to 5 dollars a month for web users. It will be 5 dollars fore mobile users after that. It will be available for Android and iOS as well as others. However, at the moment Android is the only platform that is available.


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