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Andrew Braithwaite -  Owner and manager of www.musictalkers.com. Keen music enthusiast from the UK. Studied music to a high level at school and college, plays the guitar. Follows many local UK bands. Has interviewed music artists in the UK and USA.
Edina Damoah - One of our main music news reporters. Owner of intrigue media group online copywriting and media company. Including intrigue magazine which is a music focused online and offline publication. Covering music news, features and interviews.
Sarah Marie Jones - Creative writer from Wales UK. Freelance music news journalist. Loves writing on all topics. https://twitter.com/shadowstar240

Alex Jenkins - Alex’s music ranges across many electronic based styles with an underlying darkness in their feel.
Has six hundred original mastered songs ready for market

Andy Pez - Songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin. Written around 100 songs over the last 15 years.                                               
Adam Bailey - Administrator of Music Talkers. Music technology specialist.

Alan Sagar - is a bass guitar player out of the band Slack Alice. He is also a keen music writer. 


Sally Rayson - Administrator of Music Talkers. Specialist areas include celeb gossip.


We also have many more contributors- These include: The music industry, record labels and hundreds of our registered musicians.



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