Noted Greek composer Sakis Gouzonis releases new music album
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Sunday, 30 April 2017 22:51

Amazing Space by Sakis Gouzonis

Sakis Gouzonis, a multi-award-winning composer, released his 10th electronic music album on April 17. Titled Amazing Space, the composer's new album consists of ten instrumental electronic music tracks inspired by space exploration and the technological breakthroughs that were being made during the time in which he was recording this album.

Comprised of complex rhythmic patterns, beautiful melodies, monumental instrumentation and organic textures of electronic soundscapes, "Amazing Space" evokes strong emotions, sending its listeners on a 10-track journey through time and space.

Sakis Gouzonis, who was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a prolific music composer and orchestrator. Up to now, Sakis has released 10 instrumental electronic music albums, has won a total of 10 international music awards and distinctions, and has gained more than 740,000 fans and friends in 220 countries and territories.

His new album, "Amazing Space," is now available at

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