Last Years 'The Voice' Winner Branded a Flop as Second Season Returns Tonight
Written by Andrew Braithwaite   
Saturday, 30 March 2013 09:18

Tonight will see the return of the popular show The Voice which gives hopeful contestants the chance to show off their singing skills and perform in front of an all star panel of judges. Backed by music's big names including Sir Tom Jones and, you would think the lucky few to get to the finals and to eventually win would be rocketed into stardom. This isn't the case according to a report in the Daily Mail today.



The chances of getting through to even appear on the hit TV talent show is a task in itself. With tens of thousands of applications and pre show auditions, its every singers dream to showcase their talents to a big audience of TV viewers.


For last years winner Leanne Mitchell this dream came true, however since her show success she still has no album, no tours booked and her single was branded a flop. This was revealed today in the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper story, even Sir Tom Jones said it would of been better if somebody else won.


So, with Leanne's first single only selling 7000 copies, not even making the top 40. And her still living in her Suffolk Bungalow, does this mean the show doesn't have the credibility it boasts or is it simply the artists fault?


To back up the talent show, Miss Michell's management told the Daily Mail that she is an artist who regularly refuses to take part in publicity opportunities which may benefit her public reputation.


Also, Sir Tom Jones said that her record label could partly be blamed of not managing her very well. He went on to explain that The Voice can only do so much for a singer and that is to get them to win the show. After that its a lot to do with the record label Universal.


With fingers pointing in all directions, its hard to decide whether Leanne Michell was just unlucky, hasn't tried hard enough herself or its down to her label, or the show itself. Perhaps this years winner will prove to be much more of a success. Another factor could be that perhaps the public are becoming less interested in these types of talent shows.

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0 #1 jallen0502 2013-04-08 18:58
i havent heard her album, but there in lies the entire problem for her and the rest of the voice winners. people like me arent even interested in what music or albums they may or may not be putting out, i hate to admit it but it seems american idol has the right formula for the artist that wins, hell, for that matter anyone that gets on the damn show for just thirty seconds, and it sucks because i like the voice, the format of picking a singer without seeing there face, figure, or style is really interesting to me, but it also may be the big problem, who knows.......

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