Jay-Z Vows to Clean up His Act Since Birth of Blue Ivy Carter
Written by Andrew Braith   
Monday, 16 January 2012 06:36

Rapper Jay-Z has vowed to clean up his act since the birth of his baby girl Blue Ivy Carter.  The music mogul and rapper revealed that he would no longer be using the word 'bitch' in his lyrics. The turnaround was revealed in a poem the rapper recently penned.



Jay-Z who previously used various profanities in his lyrics has promised in this new poem that he will no longer use curse words like 'bitch' in his lyrics again. The poem is lovingly dedicated to his daughter Blue Ivy.  He states in the poem "Now with my daughter in this world I curse those that give it." Meaning before his daugther came along he would use all the bad language he could muster in his lyrics. However, now he curses those who use such profanities.


He also states in the poem that he will protect her and love her, and be everything to her.


Since the birth of the music power couples first baby girl, there have been a multitude of rumours flying around the net. Some stating that the couple named their daughter after the daughter of the devil.  Once again there was speculation about Jay-Z and his involvement with the illuminati, a secret society. Accusations for which Jay-Z has in the past strongly denied.


It seems the birth of Jay-Z's daughter will no doubt continue to change the world famous rapper and music mogul.


Blue Ivy Carter is not even a month old and she is already making history. She became the youngest person ever to be credited on the US Billboard chart last week.


Besides from writing a poem about his beloved daugther. Jay-Z also released a single dedicated to his daughter, entitled 'Glory.' The song features the cries and wimpers of Blue Ivy. The song entered the chart at number 74.

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