Groove 2: Intelligent Music App Which Studies Listening Habits Now Available on iPad
Written by Adam Bailey   
Friday, 04 May 2012 06:20


Makers of the Music listening application (Zikera) bring to us the update for the new iPad. Latest features include Retina graphics, shuffle play lists and many other handy features which take full advantage of the new iPad's features.



For those unfamiliar, Groove 2 music app is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Its a sophisticated music player which learns from your own listening habits to create a custom playlist. The app becomes your own personal DJ and many prefer it to the standard music player.


As well as creating playlists there are also a bunch of other useful features, these include:


Instant mixes - A single tap will start playing one of various playlists at hand


Find the right playlist for the occasion - The app will help users easily find the right type of playlist for a certain mood or occasion


Smart Gestures- Perfect when driving to easily shift and select tracks and control music by 'swiping' the screen etc


The latest update for the new iPad includes:


* Retina graphics for new iPad

* Shuffle albums and playlists

* Volume control and play/pause toggle gestures for the Now Playing screen on the iPad

* Repeat mode feature

* Improved scrubbing


Groove 2 joins a bunch of other music applications which offer similar playback options. Many prefer the features of Groove which includes clever technology giving the ability to learn users listening habits.


With the release of the latest iPad, there seems to have been a shift of people using the device to replace home stereos etc. Using an application like Groove, an iPad could be conveniently carried anywhere and be used as a portable entertainment system.





Last Updated on Friday, 04 May 2012 06:29

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