“Got No Freestyle” by Bones QG Laylow is an Appealing Hip Hop Track
Written by Bones QG Laylow   
Friday, 22 September 2017 01:23

The fusion of hip hop and rap music results in beautiful and edgy music. Fans are of the opinion that hip hop and rap is a vibrant music genre. It’s been decades that hip hop has been able to create a niche for itself while pulling musicians towards it. In Soundcloud, there are several musicians that are creating great hip hop music and amongst them Bones QG Laylow offers the perfect musical presentation. His latest song – “Got No Freestyle” has the most colorful sounds with carefree music from various contemporary instruments. If you want to enjoy more hip hop and rap songs, listen to all songs comprised by Bones Laylow.


The evolution of Soundcloud has brought forward several artists, producers and recording labels. They are making gala appearances with their innovative compositions like that of Bones Laylow. The Seattle, USA native is a young artist who is captivating fans with his rich music. The latest song – “Got No Freestyle” is a chartbuster hit with mainstream sounds and beats. With changing trends, Bones have also evolved his style and now he is better than before. His tracks are exemplary that showcases his knowledge and dedication towards hip hop and rap music. The latest song has a hard-hitting sound that compels fans to sing along.

Bones QG Laylow has awesome songs in his Soundcloud profile which can be accessed by his fans. The song – “Got No Freestyle” is a masterpiece with introspective lyrics narrated in a great way. With high end beats and rhythm, this song by Bones is gaining accolades across the world. He can easily be called a contemporary hip hop and rap music idol with qualities of becoming a superstar. There’s nothing stopping this incredible artist from rising in the peak of success. Also, fans can have a better glimpse of his life when they connect with him on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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