Google to Acquire Silicon Valley Startup Clever Sense
Written by Robert Key   
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 06:21

Google is set to acquire the company Clever Sense. The company first came to prominence when they created the app Alfred. Which provides information on local music venues, nightclubs, restaurants and bars within your local area. The mobile application became highly successful and has seen Clever Sense become one of the ones to watch in Silicon Valley, which is very well known for breeding highly successful start up companies that attract thousands of venture capitalists every year.


The reports of the acquisition have not disclosed information on the exact terms of the deal. However, it has been confirmed that those already working at Clever Sense will begin to work in Google's local services department straight away.  This section of Google deals with reviews of local services and business directories.



It was also rumoured that Clever Sense were discussing a deal with Groupon. However, they decided to go with Google instead.  The CEO of Clever Sense Babak Pahlavan stated that he was very happy with the decision to go with Google and he cannot quite believe that they are actually joining Google. He stressed that this was a fantastic opportunity for him and his team.



There have also been reports that Clever Sense were looking to take their business to whole new level with deal recommendations and much more. Technology pundits are excited about the move and it is looking like there is much to come in the future for Clever Sense.


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