Faceook Reveals Real-time Listening Feature Like Turntable.fm
Written by Edina   
Monday, 23 January 2012 11:03
Facebook has revealed recently that it is going to be making it easier for users to listen to music simultaneously. The new feature is similar to that of Turntable.fm and is a whole new musical experience for Facebook users.

Technological pundits and social media experts predicted this feature becoming a big hit with Facebook users. In September 2011 there was already talk of a brand new music listening Facebook feature.

Users will be able to see what their friends are listening to in the news feed. If your friends are connected to the feature then you too will be able to listen to whatever your friend is listening to.

The new service is not going to global yet, however in the next few months it will roll out to Spotify and other music services. It is predicted that the feature will be more widespread by the end of 2012.

Users can also chat about the music they are listening to, and friends of friends can also join in the musical banter. So, effectively you could be listening to music with hundreds of people all over the world.

This service is also available on Google + but people who have tested the feature already have said it us far more user friendly than Google's version.
In 2011 Turntable.fm started the craze of real time listening, and now Facebook have caught on to the trend it will surely become a global phenomenon.

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