Dave Mustaine Guitar Prodigy Succeeds in Being the Ultimate Guitar App.
Written by Sally West   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 11:42

There are many music apps out there but one music app for guitar lovers that should be up there with the best of them is Dave Mustaine Guitar Prodigy. This app is good for anyone who loves heavy metal guitar. However, it was originally created for lovers of the heavy metal band Megadeth. Dave Mustaine is the lead singer as well as guitarist. There is another app which is available for all guitar lovers which is Rock Prodigy. You can learn how to play various Megadeth songs.


This app actually works as a complete guitar tutorial. Mustaine talks you through everything and makes it easier for users to learn the songs. It gives you tips on how to hold your guitar and where to put your fingers. You can use it with an acoustic guitar as well, in association with your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad microphone. So, with this you actually learn how to play guitar without the hefty charge that would go with having a private guitar lesson with Dave himself.


If you have ever played Guitar Hero before users will find that it is pretty much the same, but better.


Dave Mustaine Guitar Prodigy is available through the App store for iPhone, iPhone Touch and iPad.


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