Country Music singer/songwriter, Big City Cowgirl, Releases “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night)”
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Monday, 23 May 2016 17:49

Country Music singer/songwriter, Big City Cowgirl, has just released another single, entitled “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night).” The song is a love story set in the wild west. She notes that “Everyone loves a song about love, and I think that using the wild west as a backdrop gives it a different spin. The message remains the same and is relevant to today - though - it’s a song about a girl who usually falls for the bad boy type but ends up with a good guy.”  She dedicated the song to outlaw country music legend Merle Haggard who passed away on his birthday on April 6th of this year while she was making the song.



Big City Cowgirl is Sondra Toscano, a New York native. Growing up in New York, she was exposed to all types of music, but loves country music the best.  While songwriting, she notes that she has “taken pages from many books in my musical library” and knows that her “songwriting isn’t cookie cutter, but when I write, I stay true to myself and hope that my music will connect with people.” Although she recorded the song on Long Island, it is clear that she has managed to capture an authentic country western feel. Big City Cowgirl’s raspy voice, descriptive lyrics, and catchy melody will have “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night)” stuck in your mind.

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